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Bianchi Ilios North Coast

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Bianchi Ilios North Coast


Bianchi Ilios North Coast is a Greek jewel on the Mediterranean waters of Sidi Abdel Rahman coast, built by the experienced of Developer X, Bianchi Ilios North Coast promise a magnificent tranquility paradise for the market.

Spanning 104 acres 420,873 sqm Bianchi Ilios North Coast location in the north coast, especially Sidi Abdel Rahman next to Seashell and amwaj adds value within the premium plot:


– 30 mins drive from Al Alamein Road

– 25 min drive from new Alamein City

– 155 km from Alexandria


A one of a kind community built around exclusivity, reliability, relevance, familiarity, and family orientation. All brought together to the most wanted blast from the past.

Furthermore the water spine elongates its charm across the land, leaving no settlement untouched. Swimmable lagoons act as the water bodies creating an infinite peninsula of composure and tranquility subsequently.

Above all Ilios means the “Sun” in Greek, Bianchi Ilios Sidi Abdel Rahman is directly drawn out from current Greek architectural design and inspired by it, focusing on Modernity, Authenticity and An uplifted vibe.


Bianchi Ilios North Coast Amenities and facilities


– A Beachfront view by all units for instance

– Also a water spine

– Here a swimmable lagoons 46,000 sqm (11% of total plot area)

– In addition to a wave technology to be enjoyed by surfers & experience seekers

– In particular 4.3 km lagoon beach front

– 360 meters main beach front

– 15% occupied by building spaces

– 85% occupied by land spaces

– Landscaping

– Waterscaping

– Commercial & retail destination specially.

– Endless options of spots to dine and enjoy the nightlife.

– A five-star hotel

– Lastly an exceptional clubhouse attentive of all health and wellness needs


Bianchi Ilios North Coast Payment plan


Accordingly 5% reservation, 10% contact rest over 8 years.

Maintenance: 8%

Delivery: 4 years


Bianchi Ilios North Coast Villas and Chalets


Standalon Villas:

– V1 1000 sqm

– V2 320 sqm, land 700 sqm – 6 rooms

– V3 255 sqm, land 500 sqm – 5 rooms

Twin house 210 sqm, land 350 sqm – 3 rooms

Townhouse 180 sqm, land 250 – 3 rooms

2 bedrooms chalet 95 sqm, land 240 sqm

3 bedrooms chalet 130 sqm, land 280 sqm

4 bedrooms chalet 160 sqm, land 300 sqm




Born to be flexible, born to create Experiences. A property developer embracing a brilliant new world that answers the day-to-day needs of a world on the move. Where people want convenience, not restrictions.

And choice, not limits. Designed to fit your lifestyle. Developer X is set to create spaces that re-imagines ones livability with projects that caters different lifestyle Experiences.

Known projects are: the muse, Ourika and Bianchi.



For more information contact: +201221211278

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Country: Egypt
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Property Id : 19970
Standalone Villa type V2
size: 320 m2
rooms: 6
Standalone Villa type V2
Land 700 sqm
Standalone Villa type V3
size: 255 m2
rooms: 5
Standalone Villa type V3
land 500 sqm
Twin house
size: 210 m2
rooms: 3
Twin house
land 350 sqm
size: 180 m2
rooms: 3
land 250 sqm
Chalet 2 bedrooms
size: 95 m2
rooms: 2
Chalet 2 bedrooms
land 240 sqm
Chalet 3 bedrooms
size: 130 m2
rooms: 3
Chalet 3 bedrooms
land 280 sqm
Chalet 4 bedrooms
size: 160 m2
rooms: 4
Chalet 4 bedrooms
land 300 sqm

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